J – Jivamukti Open Class with Isabelle

Session 2021/J1b
Session 2021/J2b
Session 2021/J3b
Session 2021/J4b
Session 2021/J5b
Session 2021/J6b
Session 2021/J7b
Session 2021/J8b
Session 2021/J9b
Session 2021/J10b

Session 2020/J1a
Session 2020/J2a
Session 2020/J3a

P – Pure Flow Vinyasa with Isabelle

Session 2021/P1a
Session 2021/P2a
Session 2021/P3a
Session 2021/P4a
Session 2021/P5a
Session 2021/P6a
Session 2021/P7a
Session 2021/P8a
Session 2021/P9a
Session 2021/P10a

Session 2020/P1b
Session 2020/P2b
Session 2020/P3b
Session 2020/P4b
Session 2020/P5b
Session 2020/P6b

R – Restorative Yoga with Nicole

Session 2021/R1
Session 2021/R2
Session 2021/R3
Session 2021/R4
Session 2021/R5
Session 2021/R6

Strong & Flexible with Rebecca Hannah

Strong & Flexible
Hips & Twists
Core & Upper Body
Hip Openers
Core & Shoulder Strength
Hips & Hamstrings Mobility
Shoulders & Back Mobility

More sequences with Isabelle

Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior (set sequence)
Basic class
Ashtanga Style Yoga
Backbend Sequence
Soft Flow Vinyasa