November  10th to 12th

Join David Cabezas Sánchez on this journey of 25 hours of diving deep into your personal practice & teaching skills, focused on advanced Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga. This intensive course is designed for to dive deeper into learning more about both the Rocket Yoga & Vinyasa practice. Students of all levels are welcome.

For one weekend, we will come together to learn how to start teaching the Rocket series and make new friends for life. This is an incredible opportunity to deepen your practice, both within yourself and through sharing the practice as a teacher.

What is Rocket Yoga?

“Rocket Yoga” was created by Larry Shultz in San Francisco during the 80`s. Over time different teachers and references have emerged with different backgrounds but maintain the fundaments of Larry Shultz system. It’s a dynamic style with 3 sequences of postures that modify the traditional ashtanga vinyasa yoga. The students are invited to challenge themselves doing variations and modifications.

Rocket yoga is a dynamic vinyasa yoga style.

It is an accessible practice open to all levels which maintains a basic structure on which we can add postures or variations. The object is to adapt the practice offering the possibility to develop a strong practice. We work on the arm balances, handstands and backbends.

The Sequences:

• Rocket I: Based on the primary series of the ashtanga and focused on forward fold, and hips openers. It helps to develop strong legs and abs.
• Rocket II: Based on the second and advanced series of the ashtanga vinyasa focused on the backbends and arm balancing poses. Includes twisting and chest opening.