After graduating from the University of Applied Arts, Lis has been working in Vienna as a product designer and illustrator. As a self-employed illustrator, the Luxembourg native enjoys the artistic freedom offered by this boundless area. In her illustrations she draws inspiration from everyday, social and environmental subjects as well as personal experiences, memories and humour. She has also had the pleasure of collaborating on various children’s, music and educational books, using her illustrations to visually support their content and bring them to life. Working on several projects in Luxembourg, the illustrator keeps in touch with her roots and can thus, to her delight, combine Vienna and Luxembourg.


The wheel pose tones and strengthens muscles in the back and legs, and relieves tension and stress.
It also stretches the chest and lungs and strengthens the arms and wrists, buttocks and abdomen while stimulating the thyroid.

BAKASANA (crow pose)

Crow Pose strengthens the wrist, forearms and abdomen while stretching your upper back.
It improves balance and core strength and opens the door to many more poses involving arm balance.

HANUMANASANA (monkey pose/split)

Splits helps to stretch as well as strengthen the muscles in the thighs, groin region and hamstrings.
Furthermore the hips become more flexible and the abdominal organs are stimulated, which improves how they function.