Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa

February 24-25 2024


Dario Calvaruso is the conceiver and founder of Navakaraṇa®. He has taught extensively in India, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Mongolia, Indonesia, Middle-east and Europe. Head of the Navakaraṇa Community, he has trained thousands of Navakaraṇa practitioners and teachers internationally.

Heterogeneous artist since a young age, Dario left Italy and his family when he was 21 on a journey of self-discovery and study of Yoga and Āyurveda to India, which lasted over 15 years. His first destination was Kāśi – The City Of Light (Benares, India). During this time, he began the study of  Āyurveda with his teacher Paṇḍit Har Govind Miśra. Only later was initiated to the practice of Tantric techniques of Haṭha-Yoga and Kriyā by Pandit Om Prakāśa. On an auspicious day, while having a bath at the Ganges in Benares, Dario met Swami Jñānānanda Bharati, who took him in his āśrama at Gangotri, the source of the Holy River Ganges living with Swamijī in the Himalayas about 4,000 m altitude.

Dario learnt Yoga in the orthodox tradition (guru-śiṣya paraṃparām) a unique experience, especially for a Westerner. As advised by his master, Dario took on a journey throughout the Indian subcontinent. He lived with sufis in Pakistan and later with sadhus in monasteries (āśrama-s) of the śiva-siddhānta tradition in Tamil Nadu. During the years he spent in Tamil Nadu, Dario studied and practised Karaṇas (the Art of Movement) and Bharataṇāṭyam (Indian Classical Dance) with Nāṭyācārya Vṛnda Rāmanan (Trichy). At that time he also studied Yoga Darśana (Yoga philosophy) with Prof. Śrī Rangasvāmi Sourirājan at the Śrīrangam Veda Pāṭha-Śāla (one of the most traditional and highly recognised centre of Vedic Studies). He was initiated and guided in the study of Sanskrit language by Prof. Śrī Rangasvāmi Tirunārāyaṇan (a well-know Indian scholar). In 2007 Dario started his own yoga āśrama at Srirangam (India), a city-temple and small island in the River Kaveri. Besides running the āśrama, Dario completed a period of academic studies on Yoga, Psychology, Counselling and Philosophy. Navakaraṇa Method came about spontaneously from his attempt to systematise different śāṣtra-s (traditional arts and sciences) into one holistic and comprehensive methodology for self-discovery, healing and transformation.

Dario has lived, studied and taught all over Asia. It was in Japan where he met the Fuke Grandmaster Fujiyoshi Etsuzan from whom he inherited and brought into Navakaraṇa the traditional Sui-Zen (traditional sound-meditation). Since 2017 Dario has incorporated zen melodies (shirabe), creating sound-mediation practices. In 2022 Dario established Navakaraṇa Kyorei, a gurukulam and āśrama for self-transformation and organic living in Yakushima, one of the Ōsumi Islands at the south of Japan (a UNESCO World Heritage site and Biosphere Reserve). His project “Navakaraṇa Kyorei” has attracted international attention from movie directors and the medias.

Dario conducts Workshops, Retreats and Teacher Training Courses on Navakaraṇa, Philosophy and Holistic Lifestyle internationally.




“My mission is to inspire your creativity, ignite a sense of fun, freedom and playfulness in your practice and support you to be happy and healthy from the inside out.”

It is my belief that everyone has the potential to be creative. My intention is to support you to find your physical expression and creativity, learning how to move in an intelligent way that works for you, your lifestyle and goals.

Just like we need variety in our diet I also believe that our bodies need to learn to adapt and move in a multitude of ways. To support this and help you reach your peak physical performance my teaching incorporates movement from a wide variety of disciplines including yoga, contortion, calisthenics, functional fitness and dance.

Everything in life is movement, even the word emotion ‘energy in motion’ connotes movement. Just as it’s important to work on your physical health I also believe that qualities and attributes such as creativity, imagination, self-belief, self-expression and self-confidence work like a muscle and that you need to train them in order to make them stronger. To support this my teaching style focuses on the way we frame our thoughts and language looking at how the intentions that we set and the words that we use have a powerful impact on our performance and the relationship we have both with ourselves and the wider world around us.

Road to Venus one-day workshop
Road to Venus one-day workshop